TreeGraph 1

by Jörn Müller, Kai Müller

Here you can find the command line based precursor of TreeGraph 2. This is not the latest version of TreeGraph 2, which is GUI based and was a complete rewrite. The command line precursor offered some functionality that slightly differs from the current version. If you still have any TGF files created with TreeGraph 1, you can download it here to process them.

The download of the latest version of TreeGraph 2 is available here.


Müller J, Müller K, TreeGraph: automated drawing of complex tree figures using an extensible tree description format, Molecular Ecology Notes, 4, 786-788

Please make sure to cite this paper only of you are really using the old command line based version of TreeGraph. If you produce published work based on TreeGraph 2, pleace cite the BMC Bioinformatics paper (which describes TreeGraph 2) instead.


Current version: 1.0  
Upload date: April 1, 2014  
Source code Linux, MacOS X, etc. treegraph.tar.gz Source code & sample files.
Unpack with tar xzf treegraph.tar.gz
Documentation docu.pdf  

Source repository

The source codes can also be checked out directly from our subversion repository under or you can browse the sources here.


TreeGraph 1 is also available from http://www.jmü

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