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To get started with TreeGraph 2 or to become familiar with certain features you can use one of the video tutorials available here. A tutorial consists of a screencast which demonstrates the tasks to perform as well as detailed description of all steps.

Video tutorials


Adding support values

This tutorial shows how to merge support values from different analyses in one tree, which is one of the most important features of TreeGraph 2.

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Creating trees

TreeGraph 2 is one of very few tree editors that allows creating whole new trees without importing any e.g. Nexus file as well as adding new document elements (e.g. nodes) to existing trees. This can be very helpful e.g. to rapidly generate a tree for a lecture.

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Display taxon counts as branch widths

This tutorial demonstrates the ability of TreeGraph 2 to import node/branch data from tables and to display numeric values as formats (branch widths in this case). Precisely that means that we will import a text file which contains taxon counts of different angiosperm orders into an angiosperm tree and visualize the data as branch widths.

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