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The Corner radius does not include the line width.

The corner radius defines the rounding of the lines of nodes and [[Legend|]legends] (see image on the right) and can be specified in millimeters or points. If the edge radius is zero the edges are not rounded at all.

Corner radius for nodes

Nodes can have rounded corners that connect the node line with the top most and bottom most branch line.

If the height of a node is smaller than two times the edge radius it is displayed with a smaller radius (see image below). If a node shall have no rounded edges the edge radius can be set to zero (see image below).

Note that no edge radius is displayed in the chronogram/phylogram/ratogram-view.

In two subtrees the edge radius had to be reduced because the nodes are not high enough.
Tree without rounded edges (edge radius is zero).
The respective corner radius is shown in the legend texts.

Corner radius for legends

The effect the corner radius has on legends depends on the legend style:

  • Brace: The corner radius defines the rounding of the brance line on the top and bottom as well as in the middle near the legend text (see example on the right).
  • Bracket: The corner radius defines the length of horizontal lines of a bracket line.

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