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A legend in TreeGraph 2 has to be anchored on one or two nodes to define the part of the tree that should be labeled by it.

This article describes how to create legends and how to reanchor them. For details on how anchoring works in principal see the according section in the Legend article.

Creating new legends

You can create a legend by selecting "New legend" from the edit menu or with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L. This option is only enabled if you have selected one or two nodes from your document, because the currently selected node(s) will become the anchor(s) of the inserted legend.

Reanchoring legends

To reanchor a legend already contained in the document you have to select this legend and one or two anchor nodes which shall become the new anchors. (Hold the control key while clicking to select multiple elements.) After that select "Reanchor legend" from the edit- or the context-menu and the legend will be reanchored.


ReanchoringLegend1.png  →  ReanchoringLegend2.png

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