Help - Tutorial:Adding support values (step 1)

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This part of the tutorial shows the basic usage of the Add support values-function.

Note that the "Add support values"-dialog has slightly changed since version 2.7.0. You can still perform the steps shown in this tutorial. For more information on these changes see Adding support values.


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  • First we open the file trnL_rat.con which contains the tree topology to map support values on. (In this case that file does not contain any support values itself which would also have been possible.)
  • Now we import the first set of labels from the file trnL_BI.con which contains a tree with support values stored as internal nodes names as well as branch lengths. First we decide to import the internal node names and store them as a set of labels with the IDs PPSupport and PPConflict. (See Adding support values for details.)
  • Additionally we want to import the branch lengths stored in this file. Therefor we repeat the procedure but now select Branch lengths instead of Node names in the Add support values-dialog and store theses values in label groups with the IDs ratesSupport and ratesConflict.

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