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TreeGraph 2

Package info.bioinfweb.treegraph.gui.treeframe

Contains all classes that make up a document window.


Interface Summary
TreeViewPanelListener Classes that have to be informed about changes happening in a TreeViewPanel should implement this interface.

Class Summary
DocumentTableModel Table modes to display the node/branch data of a document in a JTable.
HelpButton The help button in the upper right corner of a TreeInternalFrame.
TreeEditlInputListener This listener implements the reactions to user inputs for editing the tree in a tree window.
TreeInternalFrame The internal frame displaying a document.
TreeSelection This class manages the selection of multiple elements in an tree view panel.
TreeViewPanel Shows the tree saved in the associated document in a swing GUI.

Package info.bioinfweb.treegraph.gui.treeframe Description

Contains all classes that make up a document window.