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TreeGraph 2 can automatically position labels on a set of selected branches. This is done under the following conditions:

  • Each label belonging to the same label group (defined by a label ID) will always have the same position (defined by line number and line position above or below the branch).
  • The labels are arranged in a way that each branch could carry one label of each group (defined by the label ID).
  • Half of the labels are positioned above the branch, the other half below.
  • The labels are arranged in lines in a way that the ratio of the number of lines (below or above the branch) and the maximal number labels in one line is lower or equal to 0.5.

This function can be useful when you have a tree with many different labels which are not yet positioned. It is called automatically when you import a tree in the phyloXML format which contains several confidence elements.


AutomaticallyPositionLabels1.png     →    AutomaticallyPositionLabels2.png

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