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Separating a branch means to insert a new branch and node between the selected branch and its parent node. You can use this function by selecting a branch and clicking "Separate branch" from the edit menu.

You could insert new nodes that are sister to the subtree under the previously selected branch. Note that this operation is performed automatically if you select a branch and click "New node" in the edit menu. Anyway there may be some cases in which you might want to use this operation. You could e.g. want to make your document look as if there were two groups of labels on one branch (see example below).

Branch lengths

If the selected branch has a defined length, the newly inserted and the old branch both will get the half of that length. (After the operation both branches together have the same length as the one branch had before.)

Note that this behavior was implemented in version 2.0.55. Before that the length of the old branch remained unchanged and the newly inserted branch did not have a defined length.


Separating a branch

SeparateBranch1.png     →    SeparateBranch2.png

Two label groups on "one" branch


You can download this example here. (Use Save file as....)

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