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TreeGraph 2

Uses of Interface

Packages that use LineFormats
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document Contains the classes that represent the data structure of TreeGraph 2 (document elements and formats) as well as all edit operations in the undo-package to manipulate the data structure and classes to read and write a document from and to different formats (io- subpackage). 
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format Contains classes that store format information of the different document elements. 
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.io.xtg Contains classes implementing reading and writing of TreeGraph 2 documents. 

Uses of LineFormats in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document that return LineFormats
 LineFormats LineElement.getFormats()
 LineFormats Branch.getLineFormats()

Uses of LineFormats in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format

Classes in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format that implement LineFormats
 class BranchFormats
 class IconLabelFormats
 class LegendFormats
 class NodeFormats
 class PieChartLabelFormats
          Stores the formats of pie chart label.
 class ScaleBarFormats
          Stores the formats of a ScaleBar.

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format that return LineFormats
 LineFormats LineFormats.clone()

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format with parameters of type LineFormats
 void ScaleBarFormats.assignLineFormats(LineFormats other)
 void NodeFormats.assignLineFormats(LineFormats other)
 void LineFormats.assignLineFormats(LineFormats other)
 void LegendFormats.assignLineFormats(LineFormats other)
 void GraphicalLabelFormats.assignLineFormats(LineFormats other)
 void BranchFormats.assignLineFormats(LineFormats other)

Uses of LineFormats in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.io.xtg

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.io.xtg with parameters of type LineFormats
private  void XTGReader.readLineAttr(LineFormats f, StartElement element)
private  void XTGWriter.writeLineAttr(LineFormats f)