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TreeGraph 2

Class CutEdit

  extended by info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.DocumentEdit
      extended by info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.edit.DeleteEdit
          extended by info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.edit.CutEdit
All Implemented Interfaces:
WarningEdit, UndoableEdit

public class CutEdit
extends DeleteEdit

The impelemention of this edit is the same as it is at DeleteEdit. The copying is done by the action-object, becuase the copying does not have to be redone.

Ben Stöver

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.DocumentEdit
Constructor Summary
CutEdit(Document document, ConcretePaintableElement[] elements)
Method Summary
 String getPresentationName()
Methods inherited from class info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.edit.DeleteEdit
getShowWarnings, redo, setShowWarnings, undo
Methods inherited from class info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.DocumentEdit
addEdit, canRedo, canUndo, die, getIsSubedit, getRedoPresentationName, getUndoPresentationName, isSignificant, replaceEdit, setIsSubedit
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Constructor Detail


public CutEdit(Document document,
               ConcretePaintableElement[] elements)
Method Detail


public String getPresentationName()
Specified by:
getPresentationName in interface UndoableEdit
getPresentationName in class DeleteEdit