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The "Collapse nodes by support" feature allows you to collapse nodes in the tree document if their support value (any numeric node/branch data column) is below a certain threshold (e.g. 50 % bootstrap support).

Note that this feature was not available before TreeGraph 2.2.0.

Collapsing all nodes by support or only in a subtree

You can choose whether to collapse all nodes in your tree document which do not have sufficient support or limit this operation to a certain subtree. If no element is selected while you use execute this feature all unsupported nodes of your tree will be collapsed. Alternatively you can also select one node (or branch) in the document before and only the nodes in the subtree branching from this element can be collapsed.

The dialog

The "Collapse nodes by support"-dialog

You can access the "Collapse nodes by support"-dialog by selecting "Collapse nodes by support..." from the edit menu or the context menu.


Here you can specify the minimal support value that shall still be show in the tree. All nodes with a lower support will be collapsed to a polytomy.

Note that some decimal values might be below the threshold even if they are displayed as equal due to rounding depending in the number of visible decimal places (see also Decimal format e.g. for text labels). This feature will always use unrounded values.

Support values column

You need to specify the node/branch data column containing the support values here (e.g. a set of text labels or a hidden node data column). Only columns containing numerical values are selectable here.


The following example shows a tree with very low bootstrap support on some branches. The Collapse node by support feature is than used to collapse all nodes with a bootstrap support below 50 %.

CollapseNodesBySupportExample1.png CollapseNodesBySupportExample2.png

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