Help - Deleting subelements

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To delete all subelements of a node means making it a terminal node (leaf). Therefore you cannot perform this operation on nodes that are already terminals. You could e.g. use this option if you do not want to show all the members of a clade.

To delete all subelements select the according node and choose Delete subelements from the edit menu or the context menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Del.


DeleteSubelements1.png     →    DeleteSubelements2.png     →    DeleteSubelements3.png

In the example above the red node (internally but invisibly named "Digits") was selected and the Delete subelements-operation was performed. As a result of that the subnodes "1" and "2" were deleted and "Digits" became a terminal node.

The operation also effected the legends that were anchored on nodes in the subtree of "Digits". L1 was completely anchored inside the subtree of "Digits" and therefor deleted as well. L2 had one anchor on 2 and the other on B. It is not deleted but is now anchored only on B. The anchoring of L2 which is anchored on the direct parent node of "Digits" is not effected by the operation.

In a second step the branch width was set to a higher value to indicate that this node represents a clade which is not shown in detail. (Note that changing the branch width is a different operation which is not included in the Delete subelements-operation. See line width and constant branch width for details.)

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