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Document formats affect the whole document and are not specific for a single document element. To change them you can select Document formats from the format menu (or from the context menu, the tool bar or use the keyboard shortcut F5) which displays the document formats dialog.

There are different document formats which can be accessed by the tabs of the document formats dialog.

ArticleOnLatestVersion.png This article describes this feature for the latest version of TreeGraph 2. For older versions the following articles are available:
Document formats (until 2.0.24)

Tabs of the document formats dialog


This tab contains all document formats except the background color.

Show rooted tree

Check this option if you want the root branch to be displayed or uncheck it if you want the tree to be displayed unrooted. If you uncheck this option the root branch and its labels are not shown anymore but they are not deleted, which means you can make them visible again at any time later. You can also access this option directly with a tool bar button without opening this dialog.

Show scale bar

If you check this option a scale bar will be displayed below the tree which can than be customized with the element formats dialog. You can also access this option directly with a tool bar button without opening this dialog.

Label block overhang only on left side

In the phylogram/chronogram view it can happen that the width of a label block is greater than the length of the branch it is attached to. In this case the label block positioned is centered above or below the branch which might cause that the labels are colliding with the target node of the branch.

If you select this option such blocks are not positioned centered but overlap only on the left side of the branch so they will not collide with the target node. (Note that they might still collide with other elements. This problem could be avoided by defining a greater branch length scale (see below).)

This option has no effect on rectangular cladograms.

Option checked
Option not checked

Horizontal alignment of legends to subtree

If this option is checked legends are only aligned to the terminal nodes they label. Otherwise they are aligned to all terminal nodes of the document.

Option checked
Option not checked

Distance per branch length unit

Here you can specify a value in millimeters or points which defines the length of a branch length unit. (If you have a branch with a stored length of 10 and specify a value of 5 mm here, the branch will be displayed 50 mm long.) Branch lengths are only displayed in the respective view mode.

Document margin

Here you can adjust the margin of the document which means how much empty space shall be between the document elements and e.g. the borders of the exported graphic.

Background color

You can select a background color here. Note that you can also choose to have transparent background when you export your document to certain graphic formats (e.g. SVG or PNG). (See Exporting trees as graphics for details.)

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