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All text-elements (line nodes, text labels, pie chart labels or legends) can contain either a decimal or a string value which is displayed in the document (apart from internal nodes). These values can be edited by using either "Edit text"-dialog (see below) or the table in the document window.

In the case of pie chart labels the title is considered as its text and can be edited using this dialog. The captions of the single sections can be edited using the edit pie chart data IDs and captions dialog.

The dialog

The "Edit text"-dialog

You can access the "Edit text"-dialog by selecting one or more text elements and than using the "Edit text..."-option from the edit menu or the context menu. Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut F2 or simply double click on the text element you want to edit.

Note that editing multiple elements at the same time was not possible before version 2.13.0.


Here you can specify the value for the selected text element and define whether it should be stored as a string or a numeric value.


This field is only of interest if you edit a numeric value and have specified a decimal format. In this case you can see here how the value you have entered will be displayed in the document which may differ from the readout in the value field (e.g. is you have restricted the decimal places).

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