Help - Changing branch lengths

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For each branch in a TreeGraph document an optional branch length can be specified. This can either be done using the Edit branch length-dialog or the node/branch da´ta table in the document window. (Note that the branch length value is different from the minimal branch length format.)

The edit branch length dialog

The "Edit branch length"-dialog

You can access the "Edit branch length"-dialog by selecting a branch and than using the "Edit branch length..."-option from the edit menu or the context menu. Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut F2.

Save branch length

You can check or uncheck this option to indicate if the selected branch shall have a defined branch length at all which optional. If you uncheck this option the stored value is deleted and you cannot display this branch properly in a view mode which display branch lengths.

Branch length

In this text field you can specify the branch length in branch lengths units. Alternatively you can use the slider below the input field. (You can specify the equivalence of a branch length unit in millimeters or points in the document formats-dialog.)

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