Help - Tutorial:Taxon counts as branch widths (step 1)

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This part of the tutorial shows how to generate a text file that can be imported by TreeGraph 2 with a spreadsheet application (like Calc or Microsoft Excel). In this example Calc was used.


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We assume that we have generated a table in a spreadsheet application ( Calc in this case) which contains the taxon names of the angiosperms tree used in step 2 in the first column and the taxon counts in the second column. (If necessary we could have used the Exporting node/branch data-function to generate the taxon column.)

  • After your sheet contains all the you want to add to the tree select Save as... from the file menu of your spreadsheet application.
  • In the dialog that appears you choose "Text CSV (.csv)" as the file type ("Text (tab-separated) (*.txt)" in Microsoft Excel), specify a file name (you also need to type .txt in the Calc if you do not want .csv as the extension) and click Save.

You will now be asked which separators you want to use. (This step is skipped in Microsoft Excel).

  • Specify {tab] as the cell (field) separator and an empty string as the text separator and click OK.
  • If a warning appears that some information may be lost when saving in this format proceed.

You now should have generated a text file that can be used by the Applying name tables-function. (See here to learn more about the requirements on a file that can be imported.)

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