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All node/branch data column of a TreeGraph 2 document (as displayed in the table of the document window) can be exported to a table in text format. You can choose which columns to export and read the generated text files with any spread sheet application or import it into another tree using the import node/branch data function.

ArticleOnLatestVersion.png This article describes this feature for the latest version of TreeGraph 2. For older versions the following articles are available:
Exporting node/branch data (until 2.0.49)

The dialog

The "Export node/branch data"-dialog

You can access the "Export node/branch data"-dialog by selecting "Export node/branch data as table..." from the file menu or with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F11 (Meta + F11 on Macintosh systems).

Columns to be exported

You can chose any numerical or textual node/branch data to be exported to the table. Use the buttons on the right to add, remove, replace or change the order of the node/branch data columns that shall be included in the exported text file.

Note that functionality to add or remove multiple columns at a time was not supported before version 2.10.0.

Table settings

Here you can select if column headings shall be exported and if spaces in node names shall be replaced with underscores in the exported table.

Note that these options were not available before version 2.6.0.

Nodes to export

Here you can choose whether only the data of the internal, terminal or of all nodes shall be included in the exported table.

Destination file

You can specify the location of the target text file here or use the button on the right to open a file chooser dialog.

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