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This part shows how to import a text file with taxon counts (or any other data) and to display them as branch widths.

Note that the Applying name tables functions was removed from TreeGraph in version 2.0.50, because its functionality was included in the new Importing node/branch data function. (See there for details.) You can perform the steps in this tutorial using the new Importing node/branch data function instead.


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We first open the document Angiosperms (Start).xtg which contains a angiosperm phylogeny.

Importing the taxon counts

  • To import the taxon counts from the table, we have created in step 2, we go to the table area of the document window. There we can see all the node/branch data columns available in the document.
  • We choose to copy the node names column to a hidden node data column. (See Copying node/branch data for details.) We will name this calomn taxonCounts because it will be used to store our taxon counts later on.
  • Having done this, we use the Apply name table-function to replace the copied taxon names with their according taxon counts, which are stored in the text files created in step 1.

Changing the branch widths

  • To set the imported taxon counts as branch widths select Set distance values by node/branch data... from the format menu.

The Set distance values by node/branch data-dialog opens. The correct source node/branch data is already selected in this case. You only have to specify the minimal branch width which shall represent a taxon count of 0 and the maximal width which will represent the maximal taxon count contained in the imported data (in node/branch data column selected selected in the dialog).

  • In this case we leave the default values unchanged.

You can see now that the branch lengths in your document have been changed according to the imported taxon counts (Document in this stage is shown below).


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