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Version Since Release notes
2.9.0-613 beta Mar 18, 2016, 5:45:00 PM
  • Add support values feature now allows to specify a custom leaf identification column also for the source document.
  • Add support values feature now gives a warning if data has not been imported due to differences in taxon sets.
  • Warning dialogs in BayesTraits import feature can now handle a large number of elements.
  • Bug fix: BayesTraits data import can now read input files with no reference to the site of a character (e.g. from a BayesTraits Discrete analysis).
  • Bug fix: Entering negative line numbers in label formats tab in element formats dialog is now disallowed.
2.8.0-591 beta Mar 6, 2016, 12:30:00 PM
  • SVG can now optionally be exported with text as shapes.
  • Progress dialog is now shown, when large datasets are imported from BayesTraits.
  • Bug fix: Importing BayesTraits data now also works with larger data sets.
  • Bug fix: Correct page size now specified, when exporting to SVG.
  • Bug fix: Exporting graphics with pie chart labels, that contains small arcs does not lead to deformations anymore.
  • Bug fix in direct PDF export of large trees.
  • Bug fix: Collapse nodes by support dialog now has a sufficient size, if long column names are used.
2.7.1-563 beta Nov 2, 2015, 8:00:00 PM
  • Bug fix: Correct help links set in new "Add support values" dialogs.
  • Bug fix: Removing labels from branches carrying multiple labels can now be undone.
  • Internal changes.
2.7.0-557 beta Oct 27, 2015, 3:00:00 PM
  • Support values from hot comments in Newick/Nexus files can now be added to the current tree.
  • Support values from trees in XTG or PhyloXML format can now be added to the current tree.
  • Support values from trees containing a different number of or some terminals that are not included in the currently opened tree can now be added.
  • Bug fix: PhyloXML files can now be displayed in the open dialog when "PhyloXML" is chosen as a file filter.
2.6.0-550 beta Oct 20, 2015, 1:00:00 PM
  • Bayes Traits Export: Exporting commands is now possible with a new dialog. Table and tree export were changed to generate files that can be used in Bayes Traits directly.
  • XTG-Format: Typo "leafs" in defaultLeavesAdapter constant corrected. (no new XSD version necessary)
  • Table export: There are options now to include column headings in the exported table and to replace spaces in node names by underscores.
  • Bug fixed: Spaces can now be replaced by underscores when exporting to Newick or Nexus.
  • Export to Nexus: A taxa block and translation table can now be included in the exported nexus file.
  • Export to tree format: Feature "Export to Newick/Nexus" renamed to "Export to tree format". Options shown now depend on the selected tree format.
  • Opening Nexus/Newick files: If internal names are contained in the opened file they can now automatically be set as the default support column of the document.
  • Default columns: The default node/branch data columns are now set as a default value in various dialogs.
  • Bug fixed: Canceling a dialog with the "X" Button in the dialog heading after applying the changes with the "OK" button the first time the dialog was opened does now close the dialog properly without applying any changes.
  • Bug fixed: It is now possible to import data from the log file of a BayesTraits likelihood analysis.
  • Bug fixed: The CollidingIDs-dialog now disables the correct text labels.
2.5.0-529 beta Sep 27, 2015, 9:30:00 PM
  • TreeGraph documents now store default document columns.
  • Interactive tree comparison feature added
  • Import function for ancestral character state probabilities from BayesTraits
  • General node/branch data ID column selectable in some dialogs. (This allows to select node/branch data with the same ID as a column, even if different nodes contain different types of data (e.g. text labels and hidden data) with that ID.)
  • Bug fix: SortLeafsEdit now outputs correct tree nodes in error message.
  • Bug fix: XML reserved characters can now be read from XTG in pie chart data id links.
  • XTG version 1.4 used from now on
2.4.0-456 beta Feb 13, 2015, 5:24:00 PM
  • Calculate node/branch data feature significantly extended. (More functions added. Functions are now applicable to all rows or all columns and parent node values can be referenced.)
  • AutoPositionLabelsEdit now sorts label IDs alphabetically and allows to position support and conflict labels equally.
  • New hidden branch data column is now selected by default in CalculateColumnDialog when no according column is selected in the table.
  • Bug fix: Bug#10 was fixed. (Nodes that have no sublings display their lines too low, if they have a higher line width than their parent node.)
  • Bug fix: Newick hot comments on branches are now imported to the correct level (bug#23).
  • Bug fix: Some actions that were accedently available in empty documents are now disabled.
  • Bug fix: Some features did not restore labels correctly when undone. This has been fixed.
  • Bug fix: Node name and branch lengths adapter are now thread save (only relevant for external programs using the TreeGraph API).
  • Bug fix: Repeated calls of topological edits should not use cached data anymore.
  • Internal changes.
2.3.0-425 beta Nov 19, 2014, 2:50:00 PM
  • Support for import of hot comments from Newick and Nexus files extended. (Unnamed comments and comments on branch lengths are now also imported as hidden branch data.)
  • All imported annotations from Newick and Nexus files are now stored in hidden branch data columns instead of hidden node data as in previous versions. (This change has been made, because most applications store branch related support values in such columns. See here for details.)
  • Format adapter for line width of graphical labels added to be used with the Scale distance values and Set distance values by node/branch data functions.
  • Nodes and branches created during rerooting now adaopt the formats of their neighboring elements.
  • Buf fix: Warning for colliding IDs not displayed anymore if only child nodes contains elements with the same ID as the one of the element to be inserted.
2.2.0-407 beta Nov 14, 2014, 2:20:00 PM
2.1.0-386 beta Sep 4, 2014, 8:00:00 PM
  • Bug fix: Output of Newick and Nexus trees without branch lengths from documents containing branch lengths now works again.
  • Node name format can now be selected in Newick and Nexus export.
  • Versioning from now on increases the minor version number each time new features are introduced. Revision number alone are only increased for bug fixes without additional features.
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