Help - Old:Importing node/branch data (until 2.0.49)

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ArticleOnOlderVersion.png This article describes this feature for TreeGraph 2.0.49 or (not necessaryly all) earlier versions. See here for the article on the latest version and a list on other available article versions.

Besides importing node/branch data from tree files (see Adding support values) TreeGraph 2 also allows to import annotations from tables in text format as they can be generated by every spread sheet application. The only condition is that these table files contain the unique node names of the nodes the data shall be attached to in their first column.

The dialogs

This function consist of two dialogs. The first allows you to choose the text file that shall be imported and the second one lets you select to which node/branch data column the annotations contained in the file shall be copied.

You can access this function by selecting "Import table as node/branch data as table..." from the file menu.

The "Import node/branch data"-dialog

The file dialog


Select the text file that contains the table to be imported here.

Values separated by

Here you can choose the column separator that has been used in the text file (usually tab or comma).

The "Import node/branch data"-dialog

The column dialog

Depending on how many columns were contained in the text file you have chosen a list of combo boxes will be contained in this dialog which allow you to choose a target node/branch data column for each column of the file. If you select a new group of labels or a new hidden node/branch data column you also have to specify an ID in the text field in the right.

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