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The Copy node/branch data... operation copies all values of one node/branch data column to another or to a new one. (The tutorial "Taxon counts as branch widths" also demonstrates this feature.)

The dialog

The "Copy node/branch data"-dialog

To access the Copy node/branch data-dialog select EditNode/branch dataCopy column... from the main menu. Before version 2.0.24 this feature could accesssed from the Old:Edit node/branch data-dialog.


Here you can select the node/branch data column that contains the values that shall be copied.


Select the column to which the values shall be copied here. You can either select an existing column or create a new text label- or hidden data-column. If you select an existing column all values of the destination column which have a correspondent in the source column will be replaced. The others remain unchanged. (You can use the Delete column operation before if you do want any old values to remain.)

If you select the branch lengths column as destination only valid representations of numeric values (including parsable text values) are copied from the source column. If a text value from the source column cannot be parsed the according branch will not have a branch length anymore. (Note that errors occurred when trying to copy values to the branch lengths column in TreeGraph 2.0.20 or earlier.)

New ID

If you choose to create a new text label- or hidden data-column you have to specify its future ID here. Make shure it is an ID which is not already used.

Include data from leaves

If you do not check this option only data attached to internal nodes will be copied. This can e.g. be useful if the internal node names contain support values and the terminal node names contain taxon names. In this case you can uncheck this option to copy the support values to another node/branch data column (e.g a new group of text labels.

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