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This article describes how to edit node/branch data directly in table of the document window of TreeGraph 2. This table contains columns for the node names, branch lengths and each type of text labels and [hidden node/branch data]]. (The unique node name column is not editable.)

Note that before version 2.0.24 the node/branch data table was located in a special dialog instead of the document window. This dialog is explained here: Old:Edit node/branch data

Editing values by hand

To edit a value in the table select the according cell with the mouse or move there using the cursor keys. By pressing F2 you can start editing the value. Finish your changes by typing Enter or moving up or down with the cursor keys.

Defining the data type

On the right of each data column you find another column containing check boxes which can be selected or deselected. A selected check box indicates that the content of this cell is stored as a numeric value. If you want the change the data type of a whole column, select a cell in this columns and click on EditNode/branch dataSet column to decimal type or Set column to text type in the main menu.

Note that you can apply decimal formats to nodes or text labels displaying numerical data by selecting the according label(s) in the tree and clicking on FormatElement formats....

Deleting columns

To remove a whole column instead of single values select a cell of that column and click on EditNode/branch dataDelete column in the main menu.

Other edit operations

Besides this basic operations several more complex operations are available to edit node/branch data:

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