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ArticleOnOlderVersion.png This article describes this feature for TreeGraph 2.12.0 or (not necessaryly all) earlier versions. See here for the article on the latest version and a list on other available article versions.

The colors used in different pie chart labels can be exported to a table in text format. This can be helpful for generating custom explanation for tree figures containing pie chart labels.

You can access this feature from the file menu. Note this option is only available if exactly one branch carrying at least one pie chart label is selected. The exported colors will be according to the pie chart labels of this branch. Note that in some cases different branches may carry different types of pie chart labels or the labels may use different colors on different branches (although the latter is not recommended).

Note that this feature was not available before TreeGraph 2.12.0.

The dialog

If you select this feature, you will be asked to specify a location for a text file into which the color table will be written.

The exported table

The table will exported into a text file that uses tabs as column separators. Such files can be opened with e.g. any text editor or spread sheet application. A table will contain the following columns:

  • Pie chart label ID: Contains the ID of the pie chart label that is using the color in the current row
  • Source data column ID: The ID of the node/branch data column that is associated with this color. (The ID identifies the column that contains the numeric source value of this pie piece.)
  • Color: The color as hexadecimal string (notation e.g. used in CSS)
  • Red: The value of the red color channel
  • Green: The value of the green color channel
  • Blue: The value of the blue color channel



The following table would be written, if the pie chart label colors from the branch shown above would be exported:

Pie chart label ID Source data column ID Color Red Green Blue
GamChart Gam1 #0000FF 0 0 255
GamChart Gam2 #00FF00 0 255 0
GamChart Gam3 #FF0000 255 0 0
MycoChart Myco1 #FFFF00 255 255 0
MycoChart Myco2 #990099 153 0 153
MycoChart Myco3 #00CC33 0 204 51
ScChart Sc1 #FF00FF 255 0 255
ScChart Sc2 #990099 153 0 153
ScChart Sc3 #009999 0 153 153
ScChart Sc4 #00FFFF 0 255 255

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