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Uses of Class

Packages that use Legend
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document Contains the classes that represent the data structure of TreeGraph 2 (document elements and formats) as well as all edit operations in the undo-package to manipulate the data structure and classes to read and write a document from and to different formats (io- subpackage). 
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.clipboard Classes in this package implement the clipboard of TreeGraph 2 used to copy document elements (subtrees, labels, legends, ...) between and inside tree documents. 
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format Contains classes that store format information of the different document elements. 
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.io.xtg Contains classes implementing reading and writing of TreeGraph 2 documents. 
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo Contains all document edits to manipulate the TreeGraph 2 data structure. 
info.bioinfweb.treegraph.graphics.positionpaint The classes in this package implement the output of an TreeGraph 2 document with Graphics2D

Uses of Legend in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document

Fields in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document with type parameters of type Legend
private  Vector<Legend> Legends.list

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document that return Legend
 Legend Legend.clone()
          Returns a deep copy of this legend.
 Legend Legends.get(int index)
static Legend[] TreeSerializer.getLegendsInSubtree(Tree tree, Node root)
          Returns an array of all legends which are completely anchored inside the subtree under root.

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document with parameters of type Legend
 void Legend.assignLegendData(Legend other)
          This method currently does not do anything but should be called in the clone()-method of derived classes anyway because Legend might contain data that needs to be copied in future versions.
 boolean Legends.contains(Legend l)
 boolean ContrastManager.ensureContrast(Document document, Legend legend)
          Checks the text color of the specified legend regarding to its contrast to the background color of the document.
 boolean ContrastManager.ensureContrast(Document document, Node root, Legend[] legends)
          Checks the colors of all elements in the subtree under root (including root and its afferent branch) regarding to their contrast to the background color of the document.
private  boolean ContrastManager.ensureLegendContrast(Document document, Legend legend)
 int Legends.indexOf(Legend l)
 int Legends.insert(Legend l)
          Inserts the specified legend to the list and calls l.setLegends(this).
 int Legends.reinsert(Legend l)
          Reinserts a legend to ensure the correct order of the stored legends.
 boolean Legends.remove(Legend l)

Uses of Legend in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.clipboard

Fields in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.clipboard declared as Legend
private  Legend TreeClipboard.legend
private  Legend[] TreeClipboard.subtreeLegends

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.clipboard that return Legend
 Legend TreeClipboard.getLegend()
          Returns a deep copy of the legend in the clipboard.
 Legend[] TreeClipboard.getSubtreeLegends()
          Returns deep copies of the legends attached to the subtree in the clipboard.

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.clipboard with parameters of type Legend
 void TreeClipboard.copyLegend(Legend legend)

Uses of Legend in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format

Fields in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format declared as Legend
private  Legend LegendFormats.owner

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format that return Legend
static Legend FormatUtils.createLegend(Node anchor, Legends legends)
          Creates a legend to be inserted in the specified document.
 Legend LegendFormats.getOwner()

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format with parameters of type Legend
 void LegendFormats.setOwner(Legend owner)

Constructors in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.format with parameters of type Legend
LegendFormats(Legend owner)

Uses of Legend in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.io.xtg

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.io.xtg with parameters of type Legend
private  void XTGReader.readAnchor(StartElement rootElement, Legend l, int no)

Uses of Legend in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo

Fields in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo declared as Legend
private  Legend[] SaveLegendsEdit.legendsSave

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo that return Legend
protected  Legend[] SaveLegendsEdit.getLegendsSave()

Uses of Legend in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.edit

Fields in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.edit declared as Legend
private  Legend PasteLegendEdit.legend
private  Legend InsertRemoveLegendEdit.legend
private  Legend[] LegendPaster.legends

Constructors in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.edit with parameters of type Legend
InsertLegendEdit(Document document, Legend legend, Node anchor0, Node anchor1)
InsertRemoveLegendEdit(Document document, Legend legend, Node anchor0, Node anchor1)
LegendPaster(Document document, Legend[] legends)
PasteLegendEdit(Document document, Node anchor1, Node anchor2, Legend legend)
PasteRootEdit(Document document, Node root, Legend[] legends)
PasteSiblingEdit(Document document, Node firstSibling, Node newSibling, Legend[] legends)
PasteSubtreeEdit(Document document, Node parent, Node root, Legend[] legends)
RemoveLegendEdit(Document document, Legend legend)

Uses of Legend in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.format

Fields in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.format declared as Legend
private  Legend ReanchorLegendEdit.legend
private  Legend[] DistanceValuesBackup.legends

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.format that return Legend
 Legend[] DistanceValuesBackup.getLegends()

Constructors in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.document.undo.format with parameters of type Legend
ReanchorLegendEdit(Document document, Legend legend, String newAnchor1, String newAnchor2)

Uses of Legend in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.graphics.positionpaint

Methods in info.bioinfweb.treegraph.graphics.positionpaint with parameters of type Legend
private  boolean RectangularCladogramPainter.legendVisible(Legend l)
private  void RectangularCladogramPainter.paintLegend(Legend l)